Sunday, August 2, 2009

Busy, expensive week

Two weeks ago our oven went out, and since this is the 3rd time we had to fix it, we decided it was time to get a new stove. Well, let me tell you, they are expensive. We hoped to get a good used one, but we could not find one. We ended up spending a lot on a new stove though it is not top of the line. Our renters on New also needed a new refrigerator, so we also bought one of those, ouch!!
Eliz was here this week, and it was great to have her. We cleaned her old closet in preparation for Eliz. Blum moving in, so it was a mess everywhere. On Thurs. we had a couple from Rolla, who run the BSU, and Stephen's friend, Zach, who is the missionary there come over for supper. It was a blessing seeing that the Lord has his people everywhere, and we were so thankful that the Lord has provided wonderful fellowship for him there, it makes his leaving a bit less painful.
We had a get together on Sat. so Zach could meet some of the people here, and it was a good time. The weather is much like Ely right now, so except for the mosquitoes it was very good. We played "catch a phrase" with a bunch of people and collapsed laughing at one point. It was great. Jim stayed up till 10:45 pm, which is very late for him, but he had a good time too.
We also finished working on Lawrence's house and the renters moved in.
Thankful for a day of rest.