Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the air

Hello, everybody! It has been a long time since I posted anything. February somehow managed to fly by, and all I remember is doing taxes and putting in applications for financial aid,but then, that is normal for February. I also worked on the final touches of the translation of Justification and Regeneration. Hopefully we will have a book out in a few weeks.

I wanted to send this shortcut for those who may be interested in hearing Stephen sharing one of his songs. It was a blessing to us.

Rosana and Andy's wedding was very special. It was great to see the Lord bringing two wonderful people together, and also be a part of it with Elizabeth as a bridesmaid and Stephen singing. (Sorry, I have no photo of Stephen yet.) Aside from being beautiful and well coordinated (great job, Deanne!!), there were special touches that made it very sweet. I really enjoyed seeing them wearing aprons and serving cake to the family, as well as the tributes given to the couple by different ones at the reception. Though the general consensus was that Andy did not deserve Rosana,(all said in good humor, of course) I beg to differ. Rosana is very blessed. Thank you to Rachel Greene for posting the photos from the wedding at
I borrowed a couple for this blog.
In other news: Stephen is returning today for a week of vacation. Super good!! His friend Grant is coming Sat and staying overnight. We look forward to meeting him.
Andrew is flying to Texas for three weeks for his job. While there he plans to see his friends Jonathan and Randall, and together with them David Ochs, go and see two big teams play basketball. Can't remember which. Hopefully he will keep in touch with us all. :) HINT, HINT
Jennifer, Daniel and familia are coming April 4th and staying for about a week. As Erica would say: uhooo!
Grandma Gates is eating some solid food now, Wow! She takes two of her meals in the dining room.
Grandpa is having what he calls "A Rotor Rooting job" done on his prostrate so that they can remove the catherer. I hope no one fainted at the thought.
Erin lives in St. Louis and is planning to attend Ophtalmology school and be an optometrist. It will take 4 years and she will also be another Dr. Bear, though the Lord could give her a new last name by then.
Aunt Joanie had her 60th birthday, or so she says. She is the youngest looking 60 year old I know.
Well, exercise awaits, I am afraid to wait too long, or I will put it off.
Rejoice in the Lord, ALWAYS.

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