Tuesday, January 27, 2009

23 and BEYOND!

Hello Family,

I like this idea, I hope everyone figures out how to work it soon, because I think it's the future of our family. Haha, just kidding. Well I'm 23 now, or as my friend Laura likes to remind me: A million years old! I had a super fun party, and I'm going to post some of the pictures that I took with my SWEET new digital camera. The other highlights from my birthday were grandma Lola calling, Stephen surprising me at my front door, my friend Chori's call from Spain, and mostly all the love that was put into my party, gifts and many birthday greetings. I've been getting back into Morning and Evening by Spurgeon and on my birthday morning the verse was "Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler."--Psalm 91:3 It was a huge encouragement and reminder to see how the Lord has delivered me from so many things in the past 23 years and even more encouraging to know that every temptation that comes across my path has a way of escape! I look forward to this next year and seeing what the Lord has for me. I need lots of prayer as I graduate and make big scary decisions! Love you all...
This photo was during the "entertainment" portion of my party. HAHA Mom blindfolded me and told me a creepy story about a war hero named Joe. You can ask her for details. It was pretty freaky, but hilarious too. You can tell by Mom and Stephen's faces. (Mom was crying from laughing so hard) :P


  1. Thank you, Elish, for sharing about the reading for your birthday. That is so good. I had made a comment on your posting, but it did not show. I guess we are learning as we go.

  2. Also, your party was a blast, besides being very encouraging to see such respect and such fun among the young people. Good job on planning Rebs!!


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