Monday, January 26, 2009

Answer to Prayer

Last night Jim spoke with Dad, and he told us that Mom had a swallowing test and passed, so... she was able to actually eat food. Of course it has to be pureed, but it was food. She had eggs and sausage and loved it. She did have some stomach problems later, but I guess it is from not having had much in her stomach for a few weeks. Hurray for Speech Pathologists as well, specially Mom's, and Elizabeth who, Lord willing, will receive her degree at the end of the summer .

Dad is doing better, but goes to the urologist for tests on Wednesday. Thanks to Aunt Joanie and Bob for taking him last week.

Well, let's remember to pray for Erin who has lost her job. The good thing is that she is moving to St. Louis.

Love you all.

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  1. Praise God about Grandma eating! That's so awesome. It would be so hard to have to be fed through a tube all the time.


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