Thursday, February 26, 2009

Company came

This past week we had Paul, Damaris and Jeremy Johnson at our house. It was a very good time and we really enjoyed them. Paul preached in his very unique style on Sunday and it was a blessing. You can hear it on podcast.

Paul has been in Panama and said that the work there is like working in the Sahara Dessert and expecting a beautiful garden. All of God.
Jeremy reminds has smiling eyes like Martin, and is in a private school where they are required to learn English and French.
Damaris is very sweet and friendly. We call each other "hermana" like they do in South America, and it really made me feel at home.

I wrote a long blog yesterday and accidentally erased it. I can hear "Mom!!" from my kids right now, but they have come to expect these things from their high tech mother, so I don't worry.
More, hopefully, in the future, Daddy calls. :)


  1. Mom, do you have a picture of Jeremy? Sounds like good time with Paul Johnson. I am going to listen to his message.

  2. No, I did not take any pictures, Mona took that one in front of their house. We were babysitting Jeremy.


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