Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On the home front

Today it was 2 degrees F., but it is sunny and beautiful. It has been a long two weeks of cold, cloudy weather, minus a couple of days which gave us a taste of what is to about three months...spring. I can see why people move south in the winter. Our bones are starting to complain even when we are inside.

Since Daddy has not been able to work for a while, he did some repairs in our house, for which I am very happy. He did some work in our bathroom, connected the vents in the study and living room and fixed the drywall upstairs in the hall and bathroom. I am in the process of painting it now. He is using his new older-than-the-last-truck-by-10-years truck, but I admire his desire and commitment to paying cash for purchases.

We have started to have home meetings every other week and our group meets at our house. We are studying the Sermon on the Mount by Lloyd Jones. It was a blessing and we stayed talking till about 9:45pm. It was great to have everyone. Mason leads it, and Charles is in it, so we have good resources. The Noes are in it, and Russell shares a cowboy poem once in a while. We also have Tracy Christman, Reece and Reb and her friend Michaela, a real sweetie.

Charles book Justification and Regeneration is back in my court, which means that I need to proofread it again. It is amazing how easy it is to miss little mistakes in spelling, accents, etc. Sometimes there are things I did not see in the previous times and at others it is stuff that gets messed up when they are correcting other things or laying it out. Anyway, I need prayer that I will be able to get it all done and if possible all the mistakes corrected. When Charles had it done in English he had about 10 people proofreading it and they still found mistakes in the book. Ay ay ay! Is there hope for lonely me?

Grandma Lola sends greetings, I spoke to her last night. She had a fall at the store, but did not get hurt, though she hit her head. I told her it was plain to see she had a hard head, and she said it was true. I wonder how I turned out so easy to get along with :) Wish there were some smiley faces to place here!!!

Dany also sends his love, he and family took a trip to Chile on a new road that goes from Purmamarca (remember the cerros de siete colores?) all the way accross the Andes. Very interesting . It went up to over 5000 meters (the cuesta that we took to Cafayate was around 3000 at the highest point), and the kids all threw up. Besides that they really enjoyed it. They swam in the Pacific Ocean which they said was freezing.

I am teaching two classes now. I started today to teach Introduction to Spanish. I have 8 students among whom are Melissa Yakes and Rhonda Noe. Interesting. The adults are so attentive. The kids are too, but some of them looked terribly scared. I thought the Askew girl was going to pass out today. My, I guess I look scary. These homeschoolers...

Well, I wanted to put a picture, but Rebs has the camera. She is supposed to document a whole day for one of her classes.

Milton sends his love. He is out in the cold enjoying the sun. He thinks this weather is a blast.

The Records are back home with electricity and heat. Wish we were closer and could help them cut brush. I look forward to reading a blog of their experiences and seeing pictures.

A thought from Lloyd Jones: "If you want to have power in your life and to be blessed, go straight to the Sermon on the Mount, live and practice it and give yourself to it, and as you do so the promised blessings will come."


  1. Good to hear what's happenin mom. Love you. Pass it on to those at at home.

  2. I knew all of these things, except that mom wrote novel about them, I love it, glad to finally be apart of the blog. Andrew sent me a text today that said: Hey sweet sister...etc. I knew something was up :) but he finally got me hooked up to the blog. I'll have to post up my "Daymap" photos soon.

  3. Miltonnnnnn, I'm going to visit him tomorrow. Love you mom, thanks for keeping this running smoothly at home. It's nice to have a steady base like that. Besitos

  4. Stephen? What does "Pass it on to those at home" mean? I like reading Mom's "Novel" too. I feel closer to everyone also.

  5. Jennifer, it means pass the love on. don't you know?


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