Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not lost, just misplaced!!

Today we had our last day of classes. We had a small program for both the Intro to Spanish class and the Spanish I. The first class has 9 students and they are a great bunch. One of the students is Melissa Yakes who is Elizabeth's roommate. (For those who don't know) I love getting to know the new kids. Most of the time I have seen them at homeschool functions, but we really get to know each other in class.This class did two skits today and they really excelled. I has so happy, because they have only had three months of classes.Melissa was going to sing a song that Elizabeth translated and she wrote the music to, but she had to work. So sad!!

The second class has been with me for a while, and has made a lot of progress. This class also has 9 students and one is a mom. Today for a skit she showed how to make salsa. She is a Pamper Chef sales lady and does a lot of this in English\. I thought it was great to be willing to learn new words and phrases and actually do a demonstration in Spanish. There were two other skits very well done and three girls sang and dramatized a song called "Me gustas tu". It was so good and so funny. Nothing shy about those three.

I am still interpreting in Milan, and for the summer my hours will increase from 1 a week to three or maybe four. I also will be working as an ABA implementor for an autistic child, also with First Steps. One of my jobs for the family in Milan, is teaching the mother from the driving manual so she can learn to drive, since she cannot hardly read in Spanish or in English. I enjoy it.

We had thought of going to Philadelphia to Calvin Hoops' wedding, but we decided wDe were not able to do it. Maybe some other day.

Daddy is busy with his work, the Lord has provided for him enough work right now, for which we are thankful. When you are self employed you depend on His provision always, so our eyes are on Him during this recession. He alone can "fire us".

Had a good visit with Stephen in Rolla and really enjoyed his jazz concert, as well as friends. Too bad we missed Grant!!:)

May your eyes be on the Lord each day as you seek His Will.

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