Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Flowers and money hardly communicate the honest love and thankfulness for your faithfulness, protection, tutoring, love, gentleness, kindness, humility, instruction and fun you've given each one of us!
We think we have it hard in college or whatever. But I don't think least most of us ;).....have even had a taste of what hard work, sacrifice and humility really mean until we will have had children! But you have been such loving example of those characteristics. Thanks for enjoying your job!
It is an honor to be the last one at home. I might not act like it at home all the time, which is just pride and selfishness. But trust me mom, I...we sing your praises all day long (to borrow the expression) meaning all of us kids tell people how wonderful and faithful, and giving, and loving our parents are. It is an honor and privalege to have parents like y'all. Not only are you NOT all these negative ARE all theses positive things... :) does that make sense. Praise the Lord.
Happy Mother's Day Mom,

P.S. "MOM, Just soak up the a spounge!" ~Elizabeth Gates


  1. Lovely posting, Rebs. I totally agree. We love you, Mom. You are the best.

  2. It's true mother! Rebekah about thing that you were wondering if made didn't.

  3. All true mami, no lo negues!

  4. Wow! I apologize for not reading the blog for so long. Thank you so much for such kind words Rebekah. THank you also for the other comments. How can I be so blessed. I would not trade any job in the world for the one He gave me. The Lord is so good to empower us to do His will, take heart kids, when he calls you to do something, He will be there with the grace for the moment. I love you all so much.


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