Thursday, September 10, 2009

Burned Fingers and New Couch

Hello all,

Thought I would show you a little of what's been happening around here. Last night I made Nacho Chicken for my roommates and Devin and while I was putting the glass pan on the table, I grabbed the handle of the pan without the pot holder and burned four of my fingers on my LEFT hand. AHHHHHH!!!! It hurt SO bad. I held ice on it for a while then thought ok, they're probably fine by now but as soon as I took the ice off it felt like my fingers were on fire and would explode if I didn't get ice on them again. Finally around midnight I realized I wouldn't be able to sleep this way since the ice from my ziplocs melted so fast, so Casey took me to Walgreens and I bought some burn ointment. It didn't really help though and I couldn't sleep from the pain. So finally I grabbed some pork from the freezer and put it in a dish towel and held it so tight. Eventually I went to sleep, but kept waking up feeling the burning. This morning they're much better, but still hurting a little. Here's a picture of them this morning.

The next exciting news around here is that Casey bought a couch last night for our apartment! She found it on craigslist almost brand new and a really good deal. The lady even offered to deliver it! While she was delivering it she found out the girls and Devin worked for CRU and she said her and her family were converted through CRU! Her sister was witnessed to at Mizzou and came home and told the family and they thought she was crazy, but she kept sharing the gospel with them and I think she said now her and her parents are all Christians. Needless to say this was really encouraging for us, but especially for Kara, Casey, and Devin since these are the kinds of things they pray for everyday. She also had a Wheaton sticker on her van and turns out both her kids went to Wheaton. Small world! Here is a picture of the four of us enjoying our couch, and then a nice shot of how nice it looks in our living room. We ordered a giant map that will be going on the wall above the couch. It should be here soon.
Paz y amor!

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  1. Sorry about the burn, but I predict it will not be the last. It comes with the new territory called cooking. I know it hurts terribly though, ice is the best thing.
    THe couch is sooo nice.Praise the Lord for His provision and encouraging.
    Missing you much,


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