Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Saludos familia.I thought I would give everyone a little update from St. Louis because it is hard to tell everyone everything. Using bullets when I write is easiest for me, so here I go...
  • I have a pending interview with the St. Louis Special School District. Pending meaning that they have sent me two separate e-mails letting me know I will be contacted this week (not Labor day) to set up an interview. I think they have two positions open but I don't know which schools or where. I will be certainly interviewing them as well. I will let everyone know when the interview is scheduled so you can be praying because it seems like a great opportunity. We will see what the Lord wants though. I am very ready to be working again.
  • The church search continues! I was very encouraged last Wednesday when I went to Old Orchard Church (OOC)with Paul and Allison. They have a meal once a month and meeting in this old house that is across the street from the church. I got to meet a few of the people there and talk to the pastor a little bit. Everyone seemed really genuine in their love for the Lord. The songs were familiar too, so that was nice. :] The service that night was a time for a man in the church to share about his recent trip to Mozambique and a man named Todd from New City Fellowship South (where Casey and Devin go to church) shared about the ministry they have with the international refugees that make up a huge part of the population in South City here in St. Louis. They said there are about 80 different languages being spoken in that area now!! Santa vaca! Anyway, he brought 4 Nepalese refugees with him, 2 guys in their twenties and a man and his wife in their forties-ish who were all Christians. The 40-ish year-old man gave his testimony while the 25 year-old guy translated. It was really precious to hear about how he used to be Hindu and believe in many many many gods and then to see that there was only one true God. They were such sweet people. Afterwards Todd asked if anyone would be interested in helping teach English to some of the refugee women who were too intimidated to go to the International Institute of St. Louis. His idea is to get a few of them together in a home. This seems like a really unique opportunity to get to interact with people from obscure places of the world and help them learn English and show them what the Lord has done for me and can do for them. Allison and I told him we were interested in helping with that, so I'll be praying about if that's something the Lord wants me to do. I went back to OOC yesterday for church and the meeting was good, but I was a little disappointed that the pastor didn't preach. Instead, they had a woman share about work and how the Lord had directed her in her work since it's Labor Day. It was ok, but not my favorite. I'm going to go back though when the pastor is speaking.
  • Our apartment is a nice little haven. It's so comfy and homey now that we've gotten things in order and it's so great to have my roommates around. There are some really neat things happening on their different campuses and they are having more people than there have been in a long long time interested in Bible studies and one-on-one meetings to discuss the gospel. It's amazing. They call me their "axis to the outside of CRU world". Hehe, I'm happy to be that to them and thankful to get to see what's going on in the CRU world. They are really a blessing to me.
  • Yesterday I got to have lunch with Aunt Joanie, Uncle Bob, Taylor, Tara, Erin, and two of Erin's friends who were visiting from Chicago. It was delicious, and a fun time to see everyone. Taylor's been working in Joplin, putting in 12-18 hours a day and being on call 24 hours a day. Tara just got back from Ireland where she worked on a produce farm and lived with an Irish family. She had some pretty interesting stories. Aunt Joanie is happy to be working only part time this year, teaching just 3 classes and having more time to be with Bob on the weekends and take care of the house. Erin is busy with her Chemistry and Algebra courses as well as working at an eye practice to get some experience.
  • I recently started Mack Tomlinson's Bible reading plan and have been very blessed to be back in Genesis, and the Psalms and the gospels. I feel like the Lord is blessing His Word to my heart in a new way and I'm seeing more of the character of God in His Words.
  • Jennifer and I are looking forward to having Rebs and company (still don't know how many are coming) this weekend! We might go to this hispanic festival I heard about, and who knows what else.
  • Well, I hope everyone is doing well and I miss you all so much. The Lord is faithful and good to His children! I love you all so much.


  1. Thanks for sharing Lisbs. Did my heart good :)

  2. I loved reading all about your life, sometimes I miss our long chats where you told me so much. I am so glad about all that is going on and your new experiences,and especially seeing the Lord working in your heart.
    Love and miss you,

  3. Glad to share. Hey, my interview is scheduled for Monday at 12:30! That's the earliest they could do it. Please pray about it!

  4. It's so good to hear about a world outside of my own, a world outside of Truman :) I love you, praise the Lord for bringing you on and using you and loving you! Can't wait to come visit!


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