Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We had fun having the little girls over this weekend. They played dress up and had a ball with all the fancy dresses they found. Sorry I could not take pictures for a while.
On Sunday, after church, we went to the Chang's house where Grace and Hannah live. They had baby bunnies and the girls got to hold and stroke them. These were very small. The picture shows Abriana holding two. Once in a while they would twitch and jump, even though their eyes were still closed.

Afterwards, we took the four girls home and they played together. In the evening we went to Thousand Hills and took a trail. Erica was a trooper. She walked the whole thing and never asked to be picked up. Abriana and Natalie were fascinated by their Grandpa's knowledge of trees and had fun picking up acorns and looking for buckeyes.
Later we celebrated Abriana's coming 11th birthday.
Other highlights:
-Natalie started to learn to crochet,made a couple of friendship bracelets (good job, Natalie!!) fed the squirrels acorns and took Milton on walks with Pappa Jim.
-Abriana worked some more on her knitting and began another project (secret), with very even stiches. Good job!!
-Erica was a very sweet girl all weekend, and worked very hard on her k sounds, her aunt Elizabeth would be proud.
They all picked grapes and Nanna promised to make jelly.
It was a very wonderful weekend, and very fun for us all.


  1. I caught them during the inbetween times of fun adventures with grandparents.:D I told them fun stories (when they were suppose to be sleeping), took them grocery shopping before dinner and sang and danced for them with their singing barbies :)

  2. Looks like fun, wow what great grandparents! ; ]


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