Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hey guys,
Just wanted to share a little bit. Had a great time visiting the Records. So nice to spend time in that home. I praise God for them. The wedding I played at was great. Really God-honoring and fun. Here is the song I played:

Something cool happened to me this evening which was small but encouraging. I was feeling a little down, depressed and joyless (about who knows what) on the way back to Rolla form Jennifer's. I had prayed about it earlier but anyway my friend David from Sedalia texted me to see how I am doing so I told him my struggles. He then replied with a line from my song "Saviour". The line is: "...feeling high or low won't move His solid ground." in addition some other encouraging thoughts. Anyway it hit me as really funny and ironic that God would use something I had written and have someone preach it to me. I laughed out loud for a little while and realized that God must indeed have sense of humor :)

Needless to say I was encouraged since then. It's also kinda weird that John Dees emailed me those same lines this past week with an "Amen",.

I am beginning a book study with some of the bros here including Nick, Grant, Zach J, Chris Teel and maybe some others. Were are going to study Pastor Charles' book J&R. I'm excited. It's also going to double as an accountability time and encouragement in the area of purity. Everyone seems eager and hungry. Pray for us. Love you all.

Here is my current favorite song :)

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  1. Steph, glad to hear about God's sense of humor in your life. It was fun seeing you briefly last weekend, hope the book study is a blessing! I love you.


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